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Hello and welcome to my website,


In just a moment you're going to find out how you can very easily start your own highly profitable Publishing Business and make a small fortune from selling products that you can legally get for FREE!


Yes... for FREE!


It doesn't matter where in the world you are. If you have a computer connected to the Internet, you can legally download certain, books, reports, music, images, films, and audio (MP3 and Apple iTunes Audio-books) claim them as your own, repackage them and sell them on and off the Internet.


Hardly anyone else knows about this and it could be the easiest money you will ever make!


Let me explain how you can easily become a publisher of all kinds of print and digital products... starting today. And you can simply run your lucrative business from your own home and in your spare time.


But the best part is you'll get to keep 100% of the profits from everything you sell.


Here's more information...


First off, this is a REAL business, which means you will have to do some work.


Well, you don't really expect to find a business that runs all by itself do you? Every successful business takes some effort to get it going and don't let anyone tell you differently.


Now, I'll start by saying... I'm definitely not going to make any wild claims about how you can make hundreds of thousands every month for doing just 30 minutes work a day.


Because in the real world of business, life isn't like that. And who really believes all that BS stuff anyway?


Who am I and what do I know?



I'm Bill Knight. I'm a freelance copywriter and professional Internet marketer. And I'm certainly not going insult your intelligence with any of that "get-rich-quick" rubbish we see all over the Internet.


If you're already thinking this could be some kind of scam and I don't really exist then you can check out my website here: KnightWriter ... or just "Google" my name.


Okay... so I am a real person and I am who I say I am.


Now what I'm going to reveal... is a real opportunity for you to start your own real and lucrative business, working from your own home.


I'll show you how and where you can get existing copyright free products, claim them as your own and resell them. And as I said just a few minutes ago... it's all perfectly legal.


I'll also show you how to re-format them and re-brand them with your own name or business name, then have them professionally created and duplicated on CD-Roms or DVDs for a fraction of what you can sell them for.


That's right!


I'll show you where you can get a professionally duplicated CD or DVD for between $1 and $1.75 each. You could then sell your product anywhere in the world for any amount of money you want.


You can even get your products shipped to any customer anywhere in the world and they'll pay for the shipping.


The main thing is... 100% of the profits will be yours to keep.


I'll show you where you can get as many

"creative" products as you want... for FREE!



But first let me tell you this...


It's a fact! Thousands of people are making good money online, selling just about anything and everything to anyone and everyone.


It's fast becoming both the accepted way to buy and certainly the easiest way to sell. And the markets just keep getting bigger and bigger every day.


Just look at eBay for example.


What a prime example of successful niche market trading. With around 115 million users worldwide... and continually rising, eBay has made it possible for around 430,000 people to earn a full-time, online income.


At any given time there are more than 25 million items for sale on eBay. And this year the online auction phenomenon expects to trade 1.8 billion items, worth more than $20 billion. It's truly staggering.


On top of that, consider how many individuals with their own small business websites are making a good living. It surely runs into many hundreds of thousands.


The point I'm making here is... anyone can make money on the Internet, and if it's something you would like to do, then here's your BIG opportunity to get started.


With my help you'll be off to a flying start!


Okay, so there's a big market for eBay items. But with almost a billion active Internet users worldwide, there's also many other niche markets for many other products.


What are the most profitable

products to sell online and offline?



What do you think they are? CDs? DVDs? Books?


Well, there's no doubt that these kind of products certainly do sell very well online, but I'm going to tell you categorically, that the best products to sell on the Internet are without doubt... information and entertainment products.


In the wider sense of the term, information products include books, reports, courses, tutorials and software. Whether they educate, inform or entertain, they all fall into this same category.


Entertainment products include music, videos and now audio-books


There's a huge hungry market for these products and the best part is, you can deliver them to your customers instantly.

Or, if you're prepared to do a little more work you can have your products put onto CD-Roms or DVDs and make even more money.


There's just no other business like this... anywhere!


It's like the Internet was invented for sharing information. Well, actually it was!



Is there any such thing as the perfect

home based business? There is now!



There's something else I want to share with you. It's called niche marketing.


It's all very well for me to quote all these amazing statistics about the amount of active buyers and seller on the Internet. But not all of them are likely to be your customers, because everyone is different and everyone has different wants, needs and interests.


But one thing is sure...


There are groups of people all over the world with very similar interests. Just like people who join clubs and associations.


These groups may consist of a hundred thousand or maybe ten thousand or perhaps just one thousand. But whatever their interests are, they are all worth targeting.


Why? Because most online businesses target only the big markets and ignore the small lucrative niche markets.


If the majority of businesses that sell products online only targeted the big markets then there will be more competition and less chance of making any real money.


With small niche markets, there's much less competition and much larger profits to be had. So it makes a lot of sense to focus on these niches, doesn't it?


Selling Information and entertainment products to niche markets is the life-blood of this business.


Now, what I'm about to tell you is a well thought out, tried and tested system that operates on a mere shoestring budget.


This is a low risk business... with massive potential



You can get started in this business right away and be up and running in a matter of hours. There's very little financial risk involved and there's a huge profit potential.


I'll show you how to get started and I'll show you where to sell your products over and over for real cash profits.


And because this is a real business, it's just as I said earlier, it involves some real work.


But hey! It's probably the easiest work you will ever do and just about anyone can do it.


Plus... there's an ever-growing eager market for the products you will create.


This business always has been and still is the most lucrative type of businesses around.



Home Publishing is simply a License To Profit


Ever heard of a poor publisher?

Not likely!

Now before you start thinking that you don't know the first thing about publishing, let me explain a few things and blow away any negative thoughts you might be having.

I'm not kidding when I say... anyone with a computer and Internet access can do this because...

Img You don't need any previous experience. Why? Because I'm going to explain, in very simple terms, every single detail about how to publish information products.


Img You don't need to buy any information products. Why? Because I'm going to tell you exactly where you can get them, thousands of them, for free.


Img You don't need to worry about where you're going to sell your information products. Why? Because I'm going to tell you where the markets are and how you're going to present your products to them.


Img You won't need to worry about marketing your information products. Why? Because I'm an Internet marketer and I'll tell you the best places to advertise at no cost or very little cost. I'll even show you how to write a sales description for your product.


Img You won't have to worry about how you're going to get your products to your customers. Why? Because I'm going to explain how you can set up an account with an established company that will allow you to sell your products directly. I'll also explain how to prepare your products for instant download.


Img You won't have to worry about how you'll get paid for your products. Why? Because if you don't already have a merchant account, I'm going to tell you all about the online processing companies, which will allow you to accept online payments in almost any currency. Setting up an account is free.


And best of all... your business expenses and any overheads will be an absolute pittance.


Your own REAL profitable

business for the least possible cost!



I'm going to reveal everything you need to know about setting up a profitable Internet business for the least amount of money possible.


This truly is a... license to profit


It's all you need to make a very good living, working on your own computer from the comfort of your own home.


It's probably just what you've been looking for.


Part-time or full-time, you'll be your own boss. You'll decide the hours you work and the amount of money you want to make.


You'll be in complete control of your life.





I am!

At least my company is:

But we specialize in supplying small but also very profitable niche markets.

I've included an example with the guide, but here's an image of one of our latest projects.


We also write and publish our own works and we publish ebooks for other writers. We also design websites for small businesses, write the sales copy, the content, the ads, the articles and we also market our client's websites and products.


So we've always got more work than we can handle. You won't be in competition with us, and that's why I can afford to tell you all about this opportunity.


I've documented every stage of the process. Unlike other so-called business opportunities, I've made this business as easy for you to understand and to operate as possible.


There's real money to be made in home publishing and I want you to be successful. I hope that's what you want too.


If you can follow a few simple steps, you'll be operating your own publishing business within a matter of days, or even hours.




What you'll need to run this business is a PC with Internet connection. Broadband is best, but dial-up will do just as well.


You'll need to turn your text products into ebooks (pdfs), but I'll give you the software for this and show you how to use it.


You'll also need a CD Re-writer for producing master copies of alternative, and quite often preferred versions of your products (CD-Roms and DVDs). Your computer probably has one of these installed as standard anyway.


You'll need access to a stationery supplier for some simple packing material (padded envelopes) and copier paper. Any high street stationers will have these in stock.


And you'll need a willingness to put in a little effort.


Well... that's about it!


Everything else you need to run your business, you'll get for free and I'll explain exactly what you have to do to get them.




Want to know what you have to do on your part? The work involved? The little effort you have to make?


Okay, you'll have to...


Format some text.


That's about all there is to it. It's so simple a child could do it.


In fact if you're really lazy you wouldn't even have to do that, but I recommend you do so that your final product looks professional.


It's just a case of placing your cursor and hitting your backspace button on your keyboard. And that's work? It's laughable.


And you'll be the one laughing... all the way to the bank!


When you've finished formatting your product, you can spice it up a little (I'll show you how) and then sell it over and over.


The more you prepare and format the master copies, the more products you'll have to sell. And there's literally thousands and thousands of them to keep you busy for years! Plus new products are becoming available every single day!


I just cannot stress highly enough how amazingly simple this business really is...


Online publishing has never been so easy... and so profitable!


In my opinion, publishing has got to be the 'Holy Grail' of Internet businesses.




How much money will you make?


Well there's really no limit to how much money you can make in this business. The more products you have, the more you can sell and the more you will make.


Here's an example of possible earnings...


If the average size of each potential niche market is a very conservative figure of say 10,000, and you only sold to one percent. You would make 100 sales.


Remember this! There are thousands of niche markets, all with very different interests and you'll have enough product titles to interest almost all of them.


Let's say you sold...


1 product selling at $19.97 x 50 sales = $998.50


1 product selling at $24.75 x 40 sales = $990.00


1 product selling at $14.95 x 30 sales = $448.5


We can sometimes sell this amount of products in a single day!


Now, imagine if you had say 10 different product titles selling at an average of $15.00 each.


Multiply that by an average of 35 sales per product and you'll make $5,250.00


Over Five thousand a month?.. A week?.. A Day?.. It's entirely up to you!


The potential is there. The markets are there, and the money is there to be made.


It's not difficult to see why publishing is such an easy way to make tons of cash. And it gets easier and easier and much more profitable, the longer you do it.


With my License2Profit system you could be in business from day one.


Ready to get started?

Then get your License2Profit right now!



Ready to get into the publishing business? Ready to become a publisher? Want a license to print money? Then let's go...


Here's how to get your License2Profit Publishing system.


My system includes everything you need to know to be able to start your very own publishing business from home.


I must add that you don't need to have a website or blog to run this business, but you could make even more profits if you did have one or both. Maybe something to consider later?


Okay... here's what you get...


Img Vital information about identified niche markets (worldwide)


Img Links to thousands of products that you can legally download for free


Img Guidance on how to re-brand and convert these products for resale


Img Instructions on how to duplicate information products to CD-Rom


Img Instructions on how to duplicate video products to DVD


Img Instructions on how to make your products instantly downloadable


Img Information on setting up free credit card processing


Img Information on how to create ebooks (pdfs) at no cost


Img Advice on marketing your products, and your website if you have one


Plus a whole load of Internet marketing and other essential information to help you start up and succeed in your very own Internet publishing business.


See what others are saying about License2Profit...






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You can get all this instantly for...


just $49.97



Instant download... even if it's 2am!

Safe & Secure Payment Processing


The License2Profit complete business system course is set out as a simple step by step tutorial complete with screen prints showing you exactly what you need to do to get started, and make money from your own online publishing business.




Discover the single most important skill you can ever learn in marketing...

Order today,  and get this great marketing book with Private Label Rights absolutely free!

PLR means you can do anything you want with it.

You can change the name of the author to yours, change the title and sell it for any amount of money...

it's yours to do as you please. It's your very own product! It's my gift to you.



My Unconditional, 90 Day,

"No Quibble", Iron Clad, 100% Guarantee!




Like all my customers, I know you'll be absolutely delighted with your License2Profit publishing system. But, if for any reason you're not totally satisfied, just let me know within 90 days and I'll give you your money back.


Plain and simple!



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You can get all this instantly for...


just $49.97



  Instant download... even if it's 2am!

Safe & Secure Payment Processing




Welcome to your very own new and exciting publishing business.



I wish you every success and great wealth,






Bill Knight

Anglox Publications



P.S. A publishing business for under $50? Is this for real? You better believe it. If you haven't already read this report, go right back to the top of this page and read the whole story!


P.P.S. If you decide to go ahead and become a profitable home publisher, please keep your business "low key". What I mean is... don't tell anyone else about how you're making so much money. These insider secrets are best kept to ourselves :)




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